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Super functional store for cots with integrated 3D visual designer. The choice of color, size, additions, internal linen, pillows — and all of that is visually displayed on 3D constructor.

Our very first project. Sometimes looking at it we think that it was a pretty good start. A simple online shop selling equipment to protect your hearing while shooting. An interesting concept of presenting information, nice discount system — in general the project is not bad at all. yes yes

Answers on questions

Landing page is an explosive, yet simple instrument to promote a group of services or goods. We integrate all the pages for context ads via Google  Adwords and Yandex Direct. You cane be sure of your project high quality with us.

What is Landing page ?

Landing page is a very simple, but effective project in terms of payback velocity. We use only the right factors to attract future clients.


This resource consists of one page, but it obtains incredible functional and possibilities to attract clients.

What are the advantages of Landing Page ?

It's best feature is that with minimum cost you get a pretty cool marketing instrument for explosive sales. But it's important to know that it's success exists as long as you promote it via social networks or context advertising.

How much time do we need to create a Landing Page ?

Our team will develop any functional and prepare best design offers in 3-4 weeks. We try not only to create one page. We create a monumental masterpiece, which from its first moment online will strike customers outrignt.

Stages of development
1 Technical task
2 Page design layouts
3 Functionality work through
4 Functionality & design synergy
6 Testing

Project price

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from 600$
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