overall realization time
were working on AUTORENT 24 web-site daily
13pages layouts
were prepared before final design approval
Нам сказали спасибо
Наш клиент

This time big guys with their own large fleet of vehicles were our clients. More than 217 different cars of various classes and levels, professional drivers and, etc. We decided that with such a scale it was possible to become TOP 1 in this niche in Kiev so we started doing our art.

Поставленная задача

Create a real time platform for car booking with simplified maintenance of customer base for company managers. It was necessary to develop the whole identity, starting from logo, ending with printed marketing kit. We had a bit more, than a month for development and we managed the deadline. 

Дизайн и брендирование

Design specification is the same as for all CIS customers: "Blue colors". That was all =) It was necessary to satisfy client's wishes in a bright, spacious site with a simple booking algorithm. It was not easy having such an amount of information to show online.


Our designers managed to fit everything into a minimalist concept, while developers, as usually telling everything good they were thinking about our creative specialists, did their job with the utmost quality. Not only did the client like the design and functionality, but we also fit in the timeline! =)

Пошаговая история разработки
Technical task
7 days
Pages design layouts
12 days
Functionality work througn
15 days
Functional & design synergy
4 days
2 days
1 day
Особенности конечного продукта:
1 Full SEO resource optimization. We optimized download speed and all validation errors.
2 Adaptive layout of the resource. The site is easy to use on both PC and smartphones.
3 100% security from hacking and DDOS attacks. The development was fulfilled on CMS Drupal — safety is our strong point

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