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Answers on questions

At this moment we'll try to answer questions you're most interested in. LODZHIR DIGITAL is not just a unique opportunity to get SEO professionals support. It's also a possibility to keep up with allthe volume of work which will be fulfilled during our cooperation.

Do I need SEO promotion services?

If you still have not decided whether you need web promotion or not, you're at the wrong place. After all, while you waste your time thinking, someone has already started web promotion. We are not to cinvince youe, because we promote only those who wants to reach a new level in their business.

Do you give any guarantees?

We guarantee that if you let us lead you and if you cooperate sith us during the promotion you'll be on the first page in a search.

Context or SEO?

Contextual advertising is money to the wind. We are not context supporters, because it works while you pay for it. According to statistics, only 10% of the target audience click on ads of contextual advertising, the remaining 90% scroll down and visit your competitor's who promotes with SEO web site.

How fast will I reach TOP of the search?

It can take from 2 to 6 months depending on your competitors, your web-site condition and budget limits. Frankly speaking you should spend something to gфшт somenthing as a result. No pain, no gain.

Where does all my money go?

All your money goes for specialists hourly payment. Such as

- SEO specialist

- Content manager

- Link builder

Stages of development
1 Competitors market analysis
2 Internal web-site optimization
3 External resource optimization
4 Reference wight purchase
5 Target audience attraction
6 Web-site TOP 5 promotion

Project price

It's time for changes,if you think it's not,it means you're not ready
from 420$
to 470$