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Answers on questions

SEO texts are articles created so that the search engine would pay attention to you. To write a high-quality SEO text, you need to follow more than 15 rules that were established by  GOOGLE and YANDEX search robots to reach top search results. Everyone who wants to promote their products or services online need SEO texts.

Why do we need SEO texts?

This is the most powerful tool to reach top search positions. The most important ranking factor for search engines is high quality content. The first thing considered as a content is text. And this factor should be used to the maximum, fitting the text according to all search robots criterias, including all the necessary key requests for your promotion.

How mush SEO texts do I need?

As much content as the number of pages on your web-site. If this is a huge online store — SEO text is needed for all categories of goods. If it's a small corporate website — SEO text is needed on the main pages with services or products.

Stages of development
1 Semantic core compilation
2 Content plan building
3 Semantic core approval
4 SEO texts preparing
5 Integration of SEO texts to the web-site

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