Создание баннеров

Developing sales banners for web-sites and printing
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Преимущества, почему нужно выбирать именно нас?
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Individual approach
Unique design
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Answers on questions

Banners on your web-site is the first thing visitor sees. They should be of the highest quality and transmitting information buyer needs to the fullest. We try to fill each our banner with maximum creativity form the poimt of view if vicual marketing. We'll make any of your products "delicious" for your client.

How much time does it take to create a banner?

2-3 working days, depending on a technical task.

Какие типы баннеров вы рисуете ?

We createbanners of any sizes and difficulty levels. Starting from promo banners for web sites and finishing with huge banners for clients presentations. 

Stages of development
1 Technical task
2 Banner development
3 Resizes
4 Different formats copies creation
5 You've got your banner

Project price

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от 50$
до 70$